Saturday, 28 July 2012

I'm sorry but.....



Btw bitches I did some tye-dying earlier this week with my amigo and it turned out fucking awesome so my next post will almost probably be about that? Unless its about the fact that mosquitoes love to bite me and suck me dry (dutty boiiis) but I'm allergic to them, so my leg swells up and I look like a dwarf elephant. Not that this bothers me or anything.....

Anyway yeah so I will try and show you how I did it and what I used and the finished goods. We are planning to do it again because we're such creative birds and then I will do a whole tye-dye blue peter style post for anyone that wants to know how (probs no1)  If really easy and cheap so yahhhh


London Olympics 2012

Actually cannot believe how much I've got into the games and its only been 1 frikkin day, dafaq? The opening ceremony was seriously amazing, even though for the most part I had no idea what was going on ahahaha. Without trying to sound like a nob, it's made me feel really proud to be British (that's pathetic I know, I'm sorry) Today there were loads of events going; swimming was good and men's gymnastics.. well snm really ;) Literally spent the whole day watching it :s

ngl, kind of sucks I didn't manage to get tickets but ohhhhhwell *sigh* ... It's really weird though because now I have this really big urge to like, become an athlete now or something? Idk it just looks cool and getting a medal would be fun I think :DDD


but life goes on and I'm sure i'll survive with Micheal Thorpe, Ryan Lochte and Andy Murray for the week

tooooootles x

Saturday, 21 July 2012


Okay so I do want to start doing fashion posts reaaaaaaaal soon, but still waiting to get a decent camera which should be soon ( I've narrowed it down to 2). So, until then I just wanna give you a headsup about Asos Marketplace- its basically a site where you can sell and buy new/vintage clothes. The prices depend on the seller but on the whole their pretty cheap and you can get some really unique pieces, yay
It's especially great for camo jackets, Levi shorts, dip/tye die stuff and funkay tshirts << yeahboiiiiiis

Catch you on the flip side motherfuckas xo

Friday, 13 July 2012

Twitter hype and tings

So up until recently im ashamed to say my twitter virginity was raging but thankfully I have seen the light and got on it ;) But now i dont know whether is is bad or good? Somehow I can manage to waste hourssssssss on there and not even realise *twitter adict* oh well its fun and not like I have anything better to do with my life...

Want to do a post on some badass shorts but getting a new camera soon for when i go to canada (WHICH IS THREE WEEKS YESTERDAY BUT IM NOT EXCITED AT ALL) so i want to wait until then. Hopefully that shouldnt be too long


Sunday, 8 July 2012

Weather is ANNOYING

Okay so its July and the weather is worse than it was in March.. what is life? This is annoying because school and life in general seem worse when the weather is bad, don't really get why but that's not the point. The point is I WANT SUN. However, in England you tend to find that everyone moans about rain, and then the weather clears up and then people moan that it too hot (pfffft yeah because I've never done that :s) I also bought quite a few pairs of shorts and havent been able to wear them without tights which is just brilliant as tights are my favorite thing on the planet. I will finnish ranting and might do another post on shorts but with me in the shorts? We will see