Saturday, 29 December 2012

Life after christmas

Every year there's this crazy build up to christmas and then as soon as its over people act as if it never happened?! I find that really weird that people just drop it so quick. Apart from now feeling like a hippo, my christmas was really good and I'm happy I got to spend it with my family and grandparents.

I never get people that tweet or upload pictures of all their presents, it just seems like a way to show off and be really materialistic but I do have one present that I want to share. If any of you watch Made in Chelsea you will know Francis Boulle, and that he recently (like 2 months ago ish) published a book called 'Boulle's Jewels'. I was expecting this to be along the lines of an autobiography with some nice naked bath pictures in it or something. Turns out its more of a 'tips and lesson's I've learned' type of thing on business, becoming an entrepreneur, love and life in general. Sort of like a self help book but a lot more funny and interesting. He's had a pretty crazy life and if you watch the show, you will know hes quite... um a character?! Personally, he's great and i'm really enjoying the book (top effort)

Here's a picture with me, the book and my christmas face...... enjoy

Monday, 27 August 2012


Thought i would tell you about some music i've been listening too recently and good bands/people:

I recently discovered James Vincent McMorrow whos like ben howard with a dash of mumford and sons, but he has more variation then ben which is nice. Im addicted to the whole of his album 'early in the morning'

Also been liking Wolf Gang. Their songs seem to have the right ammount of everything in them ahaha. Some of their best= stay and defend, suego faults and the king and all of his men.

As always foster the peoples album torches and friendly fires's pala are totesamazeballs

I've listenes to Bastille a few times and their songs are also really guuuud and after reading festival everyones obssesing over of monsters and men which is muy annoying, ahhhh well! I'm pleased my head is an animal has been released because now i can listen to it on spotify :D happy days

If you thing we may have similar taste then please suggest new bands or songs for me to listen too, could seriously yab on about music for days mwhaha x

Two door cinema club tour

I saw on twitter the other day that two door cinema club are touring in january and feb because their new album beacon comes out soon!! This made me very happy indeed and thought i would mention on here so any tdcc lovers can get tickets :)))

Theres a presale tomorrow (tuesday) at 9am but general ticket sales start this thursday (30th) at 9am from All the dates are on theres about 11 altogether

Hope this helps anyone x

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Whats Occuring

I am aware that I haven't really done any big, worth reading posts yet which is annoying. I was planning to do a summer style post but in England its past mid summer so when I get back from holiday I will do a autumn one, pinky promise. I go to Canada tomorrow for 3 weeks and packing and getting everything ready is stressing me out omfg. OH WELL i'm just saying I won't be posting for a while (unless I get wifi) and that when i get back I will actually start some decent posts.... not that anyone actually reads my blog ahahahahaha

btw if you like Dog is Dead, they've announced their tour and you can get t shirts and wristbands for ordering tickets and getting the album:)

adios chicas x

Saturday, 28 July 2012

I'm sorry but.....



Btw bitches I did some tye-dying earlier this week with my amigo and it turned out fucking awesome so my next post will almost probably be about that? Unless its about the fact that mosquitoes love to bite me and suck me dry (dutty boiiis) but I'm allergic to them, so my leg swells up and I look like a dwarf elephant. Not that this bothers me or anything.....

Anyway yeah so I will try and show you how I did it and what I used and the finished goods. We are planning to do it again because we're such creative birds and then I will do a whole tye-dye blue peter style post for anyone that wants to know how (probs no1)  If really easy and cheap so yahhhh


London Olympics 2012

Actually cannot believe how much I've got into the games and its only been 1 frikkin day, dafaq? The opening ceremony was seriously amazing, even though for the most part I had no idea what was going on ahahaha. Without trying to sound like a nob, it's made me feel really proud to be British (that's pathetic I know, I'm sorry) Today there were loads of events going; swimming was good and men's gymnastics.. well snm really ;) Literally spent the whole day watching it :s

ngl, kind of sucks I didn't manage to get tickets but ohhhhhwell *sigh* ... It's really weird though because now I have this really big urge to like, become an athlete now or something? Idk it just looks cool and getting a medal would be fun I think :DDD


but life goes on and I'm sure i'll survive with Micheal Thorpe, Ryan Lochte and Andy Murray for the week

tooooootles x

Saturday, 21 July 2012


Okay so I do want to start doing fashion posts reaaaaaaaal soon, but still waiting to get a decent camera which should be soon ( I've narrowed it down to 2). So, until then I just wanna give you a headsup about Asos Marketplace- its basically a site where you can sell and buy new/vintage clothes. The prices depend on the seller but on the whole their pretty cheap and you can get some really unique pieces, yay
It's especially great for camo jackets, Levi shorts, dip/tye die stuff and funkay tshirts << yeahboiiiiiis

Catch you on the flip side motherfuckas xo

Friday, 13 July 2012

Twitter hype and tings

So up until recently im ashamed to say my twitter virginity was raging but thankfully I have seen the light and got on it ;) But now i dont know whether is is bad or good? Somehow I can manage to waste hourssssssss on there and not even realise *twitter adict* oh well its fun and not like I have anything better to do with my life...

Want to do a post on some badass shorts but getting a new camera soon for when i go to canada (WHICH IS THREE WEEKS YESTERDAY BUT IM NOT EXCITED AT ALL) so i want to wait until then. Hopefully that shouldnt be too long


Sunday, 8 July 2012

Weather is ANNOYING

Okay so its July and the weather is worse than it was in March.. what is life? This is annoying because school and life in general seem worse when the weather is bad, don't really get why but that's not the point. The point is I WANT SUN. However, in England you tend to find that everyone moans about rain, and then the weather clears up and then people moan that it too hot (pfffft yeah because I've never done that :s) I also bought quite a few pairs of shorts and havent been able to wear them without tights which is just brilliant as tights are my favorite thing on the planet. I will finnish ranting and might do another post on shorts but with me in the shorts? We will see


Thursday, 5 April 2012


Okay so over the years I may have developed a sort of OBSESSION  with shorts and as spring is almost here I thought I should show you some of my current favourites that will look great this year!

 A basic pair of high waisted shorts are an essential piece in your wardrobe no matter what season it is as they look great with bare legs in the summer or on top of tights/ leggings in the colder months. Because their so versatile its worth investing in a good pair that will last you yonks. The pair above are from Topshop, costing about £28 pounds but there worth it as they fit great and cover everything that need to be covered ;D half your bum hanging out is never a good look...
Alternatively, if your styles more vintage, then check out the ASOS marketplace, as they have tuns of pairs of vintage Levi shorts in all different colours and styles starting at £16!
I'm really into the dip-dye or tye-die look that been around for a while, it can make a really basic pair of shorts look amazing, and really unique! I've seen so many different colours of this on blogs and in shops, which just makes me love the look even more. This pair are again from Topshop ( wish really does have a massive selection of shorts right now) for £32. If your feeling a bit daring, then you might want to try a bit of DIY dipping? This makes sure your shorts are completely unique, and you can tailor the shape, pattern and colour to be exactly as you want! This video is great, and has inspired me to try it out with an old pair of white skinnies! Hopefully it turns out as planned 

Everyone knows pastels are great in summer, and I love mint green because it seems to look flattering on all skin colours! These shorts from new look are around £15-£16 and are a decent length. They also come in loads of other colours but these by far for me were the best hahah! I have seen a similar pair in primark for £5, which is great because its not worth spending too much money on simple clothes that you can only wear in 1 season. Barry M also make a mint green nail varnish, if you like your clothes to match your nails! This pastel shade is also ideal if your not up for strutting about in bold and stand-out colours.

Finally, I have fallen in love with these blue paisley shorts from Lavish Alice, and online store that sells some great pieces for a much cheaper price than the high street! These are £20, and the perfect pair of 'dressy' shorts that can be worn at night, or just too add a bit of sophistication to any summer outfit. I have seen them on the website in red which also looked gorgeous.

Hope this helped if you are struggling deciding what shorts are worth getting this summer and spring! watch out for more fashion posts soooooon! :)

A x 

Friday, 9 March 2012

Peace and Motion

I've tries this whole blogging thing before, and it hasn't really worked.. fingers crossed this time will be different (yn). As for what this blog will actually be about.. I'm not too sure yet (probably fashion, or just random parts of my life) I think its harder when you make it about 1 thing- its sort of traps you doing on thing which kinda sucks! Hopefully it will be useful and help people or just make them smile? hahahah sorry sort of cheeesy.. i should probably stop there!

Anna x