Saturday, 29 December 2012

Life after christmas

Every year there's this crazy build up to christmas and then as soon as its over people act as if it never happened?! I find that really weird that people just drop it so quick. Apart from now feeling like a hippo, my christmas was really good and I'm happy I got to spend it with my family and grandparents.

I never get people that tweet or upload pictures of all their presents, it just seems like a way to show off and be really materialistic but I do have one present that I want to share. If any of you watch Made in Chelsea you will know Francis Boulle, and that he recently (like 2 months ago ish) published a book called 'Boulle's Jewels'. I was expecting this to be along the lines of an autobiography with some nice naked bath pictures in it or something. Turns out its more of a 'tips and lesson's I've learned' type of thing on business, becoming an entrepreneur, love and life in general. Sort of like a self help book but a lot more funny and interesting. He's had a pretty crazy life and if you watch the show, you will know hes quite... um a character?! Personally, he's great and i'm really enjoying the book (top effort)

Here's a picture with me, the book and my christmas face...... enjoy